HomeLeisure’s new all-in-one tomato grower

Get ready for a truly innovative tomato-growing solution with the launch of the Water Saver Tomato & Vege Planter System by HomeLeisure.

This contemporary-looking, water-saving planter is the unique union of style and function. It is the first planter to feature trellis towers designed to clip into the base of the planter and extend up to 1.2 meters as the plant grows.

The trellis towers are deliberately independent so as to surround the plant, to provide optimum support, and are spaced to deliver the ideal environment for tomato growth.

Available in two sizes, a 750mm model features two trellis towers to allow growing two plants, and a 300mm model with one trellis tower making it perfect for one plant. While designed with tomatoes in mind, both systems are perfectly suitable for growing similar plants that require support such as clematis, sweat peas, climbing beans and much more.

The planter features a water reservoir, which means the soil and roots are never sitting in water – therefore eliminating the potential for root rot and disease – and evaporation is reduced as water is not being administered to the surface of the soil.

The reservoir holds up to four litres of water (750mm model), offering watering independence for considerably long periods of time.

For more information, visit the Water Saver Tomato & Vege Planter System microsite.