Arrow Has Improved the World’s Best Selling Staple Gun

The Arrow TacMate Heavy Duty Fastener T50X is a handy and ergonomic tool that doesn’t sacrifice power.

The new model, which improves on the legendary T50, was created to cater for a growing number of female DIYers. The differences include:

  • Lighter – Half the weight
  • Compact – Smaller grip span
  • Easier – Requires less force
  • Intuitive – Loading instructions
  • Easier to load – New magazine release
  • Accurate – Clear aiming features

A recent article in Contractor Supply Magazine said the “new TacMate T50X stapler is a compact, ergonomic tool that doesn’t sacrifice power for size – a tool today’s do-it-yourself (DiY) consumers will want to own and trade professionals will want to use at home or on the job”.

The Arrow TacMate T50X is now available in Australia at Bunnings Warehouse.