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The natural way to protect your clothes - Orphea Clothes Protector


Orphea Clothes Protector strips and diffusers effectively and naturally protect your precious clothes for an entire season.

Orphea Clothes Protector strips and diffusers are blended in Switzerland using a patented formulation of over 400 plant and flower extracts from the Swiss Alps. Its variety of unique and unobtrusive fragrances will softly envelope and protect your precious clothes and linen for 12 weeks – an entire season. They don't mark nor stain, so are perfectly safe to even tuck inside your expensive woollen and cashmere garments.

The Orphea success story began in the 1920s when Heinrich Bachmann, a Swiss inventor, began collecting recipes for effective natural remedies against insects. Thanks to his knowledge of herbs and plants, he created a complex formula of extractions from plants and flowers that are able to protect wool garments naturally.

The effectiveness of perfume

The Orphea range concept has been developed to meet everyone's perfume preferences. The name Orphea was chosen by Heinrich and his daughter Sylvia. It refers to the Greek myth of Orpheus, the expressive figure of balance and musical harmony, as a metaphor for the pleasant natural fragrance of Orphea.

  • Floral: The traditional bouquet loved and trusted around the world.
  • Lavender Maillette: A subtle and sweet lavender scent, named after the area where this variety grows.
  • Madagascar Cloves: Oriental and spicy, reminding us of 'Red Door' with its deep, elegant floral notes.
  • Virginian Cedarwood: A fresh and clean aroma with natural insect-repelling properties.

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Use Orphea Clothes Protector strips and diffusers and start protecting your clothes. Choose strips for use in drawers and wardrobes, and choose diffusers for large wardrobes.

  • More Orphea is coming – with a brand new website
    Thank-you for your love for Orphea! More stock of all lines is coming – due before September in time for spring cleaning – with a brand new website. Stay tuned!

Strips for drawers and wardrobes

Diffusers for large wardrobes