No more back-breaking bending in the garden

No more back-breaking bending in the garden

There’s nothing quite like working in your garden on a fresh spring day. Gardening is a great way to relieve stress and stay active.

Now you can control pests, water and fertilise your garden in greater comfort, without bending, using the Hudson Back Reliever Sprayer.

No bending required with the Hudson Back Reliever Sprayer[/caption] The Hudson Back Reliever comes equipped with an innovative pump handle that extends higher than your average sprayer, reducing the need to bend over to pressurise your sprayer.


With the added reach of a 63cm telescopic wand, spraying those hard-to-reach places becomes easy, making working in your garden easier. Your back and knees will thank you for switching to a Hudson Back Reliever Sprayer.


Along with other quality Hudson products, the Back Reliever Sprayer is available through Masters Home Improvement stores.

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With over a century of global manufacturing and marketing experience in the sprayer business, H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company has become known as the ‘world standard of value’ in the sprayer category.

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