Trend Microwave Egg Poacher

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  • Poached eggs in minutes.
  • Two deep poaching areas made from quality microwave-safe material.
  • Snap-lock lid retains heat to help cook eggs more quickly.
  • Prevents explosions and ensures you'll still get to enjoy breakfast.
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How do you enjoy your eggs? If poaching gets too difficult, rediscover the better way thanks to the Trend Microwave Egg Poacher by HomeLeisure. Made with quality microwave-safe material with two deep poaching areas and a comfortable cool-touch handle, the Trend Microwave Egg Poacher makes cooking eggs easy.

Features a sturdy, snap-lock lid that retains heat to help cook your eggs more quickly, and stops them from going everywhere should they get too excited. By keeping your poached eggs secure, there will be more on your toast and none all over your microwave's ceiling and walls – we'll make sure you still get your breakfast! That was the aim by the Australian designers in the early 1990s, when people had grown accustomed to having eggs explode in their microwaves.

The Trend Microwave Egg Poacher by HomeLeisure has been loved by Australians at breakfast time for decades, and is back available for you to buy now. Stop having to clean the microwave so often and save time and money with this proud little Aussie poacher!