Sink Sider Suction Cup Sponge Holder


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  • Keep your sponge and soap-dispensing brush/wand readily available at-hand in the sink.
  • Suction cups allow you to affix it to the inside of your kitchen sink.
  • Drainage holes allow the sponge to drain and dry.
  • Eliminate clutter on your bench and be out of view.
  • Also handy in the laundry and bathroom.

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The Sink Sider Suction Cup Sponge Holder has two suction cups on the back to affix securely to the inside of your sink or on a wall in the laundry or bathroom. Features moulded spaces for your sponge and a scrubber or soap-dispensing brush/wand so they're always at hand for immediate use to keep you organised.

The bottom of the holder has drainage holes to prevent water accumulating, so your sponge can drain and dry and keep in a better and more hygienic condition for longer. Made of lightweight quality plastic it is easy to keep clean, while the white will complement any d├ęcor and the grey blend with the stainless steel of the sink. By having these essential items stored inside your sink, it will eliminate clutter on your bench.

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Dimensions 240 × 80 × 150 mm