Over-Door Paper Towel Holder

Spectrum Over-Door Paper Towel Holder

Having paper towel at the ready in your kitchen is always a good idea. When spills and other little accidents happen, a quick grab of a few squares of paper towel can mean cleaning-up little spills before they turn into big problems. Further, conveniently tearing-off paper towel while cooking to cover food going into the microwave will save you time. But big rolls of paper towel can take-up valuable bench space and can unwind with even a gentle breeze. That's where this Over-Door Paper Towel Holder is a simple yet valuable addition to your kitchen.

Hang the Over-Door Paper Towel Holder on the front of cupboard doors for easy access, or reversed inside the cupboard to hide them from view. While made from thick and durable steel in a satin nickel finish, it features a foam-backed hook so it won't scratch your doors. Big enough to take even the jumbo rolls, you'll enjoy the convenience and greater bench space – more room to enjoy cooking! Another quality Spectrum home storage and organisation product.