Ironing Board Cover Fasteners

Wenko Ironing Board Cover Fasteners

Ironing is a chore for most of us at the best of times, and we'll do anything to make the dull job easier. We don't need the task made harder by a loose ironing board cover that slips and slides as we pull our clothes over the board, getting in the way and potentially causing creases as we try to get our clothes perfectly flat. Thankfully, these Wenko Ironing Board Cover Fasteners are a simple and practical fix to keep your ironing board cover nice and tight, which makes ironing (a little bit) more of a breeze!

This pack consists of three elasticised straps with strong metal fasteners on both ends. On the under-side of your ironing board, simply snap onto one side of the cover and pull tight to secure the other end of the strap to the opposite side of the cover. The tension created by these fasteners will lock your cover into place, and you can get on with ironing your clothes without interruption. In two sizes – one smaller and two larger straps – they will keep the entire length of your board's cover secure, and stretch to fit even the bigger boards. You'll enjoy ironing a little more with these!