Our commitment to the Australian Packaging Covenant

Master Distributors is a long-standing signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, and is committed to environmental preservation through minimising the amount of waste generated in the course of business and encourages the recycling of packaging materials.
Australian Packaging Covenant
We embrace the principles of the Australian Packaging Covenant and will continue to establish and maintain data to enable effective reporting each year, and work to achieve the APC key performance indicators as required by the Covenant.

We intend to contribute to the achievement of the Covenant's goals and to meet our obligations under the Covenant through our Action Plan. The three main performance goals of the Covenant are:

  • Design – Optimise packaging to use resources efficiently and reduce environmental impact without compromising product quality and safety.
  • Recycling – Efficiently collect and recycle packaging.
  • Product Stewardship – Demonstrate commitment of all signatories.

Our primary concern is to reduce the impact the packaging of our products has on the environment. We also seek to improve the use and disposal pathways for our products by the end consumer.

Planning and reporting

As part of our obligations under the Australian Packaging Covenant, we provide below our Action Plan and Annual Reports.

Action Plan

Annual Reports

Further information

For further information on our involvement with the Australian Packaging Covenant, please contact us.

For further information about the Australian Packaging Covenant, visit their website.